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Are you sick of having to put up with the pain and inconvenience of conventional dentures? We are aware of the effect missing teeth can have on your daily life and self-esteem at Portland Smile Design. We offer a comprehensive solution to restore your smile and improve your oral health with implant-supported dentures in Portland, Oregon.

We are proud to have a team of highly skilled and experienced dental professionals who specialize in implant-supported dentures. Our team is committed to providing exceptional care and delivering outstanding results, led by Dr. Nathan Dustin and Dr. Dillon Moya.

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What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

For patients missing several teeth or needing a full mouth reconstruction, implant-supported dentures, also called implant overdentures, are a revolutionary treatment option. This cutting-edge procedure entails placing dental implants to support and stabilize personalized dentures.

Implant-supported dentures offer a reliable and long-lasting alternative to conventional dentures, which rely on suction or adhesive creams. Securing the dentures to dental implants surgically inserted into the jawbone provides better stability, functionality, and aesthetics. Because of this stability, you can eat the foods you love, speak with assurance, and smile without worrying about your teeth shifting or slipping.

What are the Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures offer numerous advantages:

 Implant-supported dentures, as opposed to conventional dentures, provide greater stability and chewing efficiency because the dentures are fixed in place with dental implants. You can eat more without restrictions, and your speech will improve.

Dental implants stimulate the jawbone to stop bone deterioration and maintain the integrity of your facial structure. This stimulation helps maintain a more youthful facial appearance and avoids the sunken-in appearance frequently linked to tooth loss.

 Dentures supported by implants are made to feel and look like real teeth. To create a stunning, realistic-looking smile that complements your facial features, our talented dental team will alter your prosthetic teeth' color, shape, and size.

Traditional dentures' frequent discomfort and sore spots are eliminated by implant-supported dentures. The implants offer a solid foundation that lessens gum sensitivity and enables a more comfortable fit.

Implant-supported dentures offer convenience and peace of mind in contrast to traditional dentures, which need regular adjustments and replacements. Implant-supported dentures can last for many years with proper care and upkeep, offering a long-term solution for tooth replacement.

The Implant-Supported Denture Process

When you choose Portland Smile Design for your implant-supported dentures, you can expect to receive exceptional care from a team of highly skilled dentists. These experienced professionals have extensive expertise in implant dentistry and will ensure that your journey toward a restored smile is comfortable and successful.

The process begins with a comprehensive consultation and examination. During this initial visit, one of our dentists will carefully evaluate your oral health and discuss your specific goals and expectations. They will take the time to answer any questions and explain the implant-supported denture procedure in detail. 

Once the treatment plan is established, the next step is the placement of dental implants. Under the care of our skilled dentists, we will surgically insert the implants into your jawbone. These titanium posts serve as a stable foundation for the dentures and stimulate the jawbone to prevent bone loss. Our dentists utilize the latest techniques and technology to ensure precision and minimize discomfort during implant placement.

After we place the implants, a healing period is necessary to allow them to integrate with the jawbone. We will provide temporary dentures to maintain your smile and chewing functionality during this time. Our dentists will closely monitor your progress and ensure the implants successfully fuse with the jawbone.

Once the healing phase is complete, the final step is the attachment of your custom-designed permanent denture. Our skilled dental team will craft a denture that fits seamlessly and comfortably, providing optimal aesthetics and functionality. The denture will be carefully matched to the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Throughout the process our dedicated team will support you. They will ensure that you are well informed and comfortable at each stage of your implant-supported denture journey. Their expertise and commitment to patient care will give you confidence that you are in capable hands and will achieve outstanding results.

Implant-Supported Dentures in Portland, Oregon

Do not let missing teeth prevent you from living a full life. You can restore your smile, enhance your oral health, and regain the self-assurance to face the world with a stunning, functional set of teeth with implant-supported dentures at Portland Smile Design. Please make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable dentists by contacting us immediately to start down the path to a better future.

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